Does Jake Ellis find love in Paradise?

Coast Clothing was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Jake Ellis. You may know him from your TV screens, currently looking for love on Australia’s first, Bachelor in Paradise. He got off to a ‘rocky’ start in the first few eps! But things seem to be looking up for this Goldcoast born lad. Check out our chat below…

Hey Jake, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Thats cool guys – thanks for having me!

You first came on our scenes to find love in Georgia Loves, The Bachelorette. For all the viewers at home, what is that final rose ceremony like for the guys that miss out? At the end of the day I felt like I was lucky enough to go to end, I came third in the series but obviously as you get to end, as much as the show itself is edited down, it’s all real emotions and theres real feelings involved. I guess I had a feeling I was going home at that stage. The whole experience of not receiving a rose, it’s a big hit to the ego and especially the heart when your told you’re no longer needed or wanted. I guess as much as I was somewhat expecting to hear it, I think it was the realisation that was really emotional.

Let’s talk bro-mance…Who was your favourite fella in the mansion? Ooh thats a tough question! We’re all really good mates so theres definitely not just one. I think out of all the guys probably Matty J and Courtney Dober are the ones I see most now.

Jake & Matty J Bromance


Sydney mansion, house full of lads… Let us in on some of the BTS action in the mansion… You know, that was the best part about it. The best way to put it is…you’re just living in mansion with amazing food, great drinks and it just feels like you’re with a group of best mates . There’s a lot of boys being boys, not really drama. You’re just eating, drinking – having a lot of fun!

We are LOVING Bachelor in Paradise! How was life on the island and how was the experience different from The Bachelorette? This one was a lot different to The Bachelorette. For starters its a group of girls and guys living together. I’ve definitely had my share in drama so far, which happens in those situations. But with Bachelor in Paradise it does all feel a lot more real, with the Bachelorette it was only limited time with the person you’re trying to win over. In Fiji, you’re living 24/7 with the people you’re interested in. Feelings are more magnified, emotions are a lot more magnified. Overall it’s just a lot bigger.

PLEASE tell us. Did you find love? Well.. I guess you’re going to have to watch to find out! No Spoilers!

Do Jake & Megan find love in Paradise?

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? Easily, a collared shirt.

Mr. Ellis, what are your plans for the future? My biggest plan at the moment is definitely for more travel. I really want to experience more of the world, I have a few trips planned. I’m just looking for new experiences and new adventures along the way.

And finally, our Coast Quiz…

Boxers or briefs? Boxers

AFL or League? League for sure!

Homebody or adventurer? Adventurer

Band or DJ? DJ’s

Beach or River? Beach!

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Author: Stacy Szalay